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Hello and welcome to our site. We are interested in helping our loyal readers and even first time readers find the Gatorade coupons they are looking for. I’ve had some readers tell us that it isn’t so easy finding these and I agree. Some products are easier to find than others but we’re interested in helping people save money without going without what they need. By the way happy fall or least happy almost fall. With the summer almost over, what was your favorite part about the summer. If you’ve been reading our site you can tell how we’re also interested in healthy habits such as staying hydrated. Water can’t fully do the job and there are horribly examples you can find online of what it looks like when someone is dying from water toxicity or dehydrated to the point of near death. It’s not the kind of videos we want to show on this site so I apologize if you want to see an example of these conditions. Now that the summer is almost over hydrating is less important but it still is very important especially since a lot of the United States and the rest of the world cools off at the same time and athletic activity always requires proper hydration.

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Gatorade Coupons

Gatorade was specifically formulated for athletes, but this does not mean that you can enjoy it yourself. We here at printable Gatorade coupons enjoy Gatorade, whether or not we are engaging in athletic or grueling physical activity or work. Regardless, if you are sweating a lot doing yard work, playing baseball, football, soccer or any other sport, you should be replenishing yourself with electrolytes and Gatorade has plenty of electrolytes. Did you know that it is possible to dehydrate, even if you have enough water. Well, it isn’t quite dehydration, but you can suffer from water toxicity which can kill you. Water toxicity kills you by watering down your blood and removing necessary nutrients such as carbohydrates and more importantly electrolytes, which are crucial for nerve signaling and muscle use. Without electrolytes, your heart would stop because your brain would no longer be able to communicate with your heart or any other part of your body for that matter. In fact, brain cells which are known as neurons would never be able to signal each other without these salts we call electrolytes. Electrolytes carry electricity and it is actually what makes water conductive to electricity. However, not all water is conductive to electricity, and this kind of water is called distilled water.
If you have ever had distilled water, you can immediately tell the differences because it is devoid of anything but water in its purest form, which is hydrogen and oxygen with the absence of things such as salts. In fact, computer builders who want the highest performance use water to cool components and if you have ever gone into a pool, you’d understand why water is more effective than air at cooling. The difference between 80 degrees outside and 80 degrees in a pool is much different due to the density of the water molecules that come into contact with your body. These water molecules pull heat away from your body much faster than air could ever hope to. This also makes sweat an extremely effective cooling solution that evolution invented for mammals. Not all mammals can sweat and this is a disadvantage to them because sweating is extremely effective at cooling you down. One unfortunate consequence of sweating is that is causes dehydration and causes a loss of electrolytes, which you need special drinks and foods to replace. Savor the sweat and instead of being afraid of dehydration, get some delicious Gatorade in a variety of flavors and enjoy the nice weather! Also, save some money with something like a Gatorade coupon code.
It is May after all, whether you believe it or not. So go outside, enjoy the sun (protect yourself using sunscreen and sunglasses), play some sports outside or inside if needed and hydrate yourself with Gatorade! If you can’t afford Gatorade that isn’t a problem because we can help you find a Gatorade coupon!

While it isn’t officially spring, it is definately getting warmer outside and hopefully many of you have been enjoying the great weather. Here at Gatorade coupons, we have been enjoying the weather and have been drinking plenty of Gatorade in the process. We use coupons and so should you!

Happy New Year from us here at Printable Gatorade Coupons! It’s the start of a new year and the start of a new you. A very common new years resolution is losing weight and getting in shape. I know that for a couple of us here that is our new years resolution. Making a resolution is only part of the battle. You actually have to go out there and achieve it. Gatorade is a great beverage to help you work out harder so that you can get in shape and lose weight. Another resolution might be to save some money and using these coupons is a great way to do that. So kill two birds with one stone and use some coupons to get the Gatorade you love so that you can work out to the best of your ability!

Gatorade Coupons

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Greetings readers! Are you excited for the conclusion of the football season? Who will win it all this season? Will the New York Giants return as champions, will the Patriots make a Super Bowl run? If not, what other teams do you think are going to win it all this season? It’s been a very interesting season so far and a lot of upsets have happened. For one, the New York Jets are pretty bad but that hasn’t surprised too many people. We here at Printable Gatorade Coupons would like to wish whatever team you root for luck this season. Hopefully your team is still in contention for a playoff spot. We here are New York Giants fans so we’re rooting for them, but they have to prove themselves. Eli Manning has been impressive and hopefully can keep it up. If he can, the Giants will have a really good chance at winning the Super Bowl against this season and return as champions for the second consecutive season. There’s so many good teams right now and it’s hard to say which team is the best but I think that the Giants are certainly in contentions, but you never know what will happen, so you gotta keep watching to see what is going to happen. Good luck and have fun watching the conclusion of this season which comes to a close in a few months with the Super Bowl. Also stay safe!

How’s everybody doing? Anybody have some good stories to talk about regarding exercise, sports, or even Gatorade itself? Anybody save money by printing out some coupons and then using them? If you haven’t already, it’s really easy to do and can save you a lot of time and money so don’t just sit there. Go out, get yourself some Gatorade and get exercising! You can do it!

By the way, tonight is the debate for President Obama and Governor Romney. Anybody going to watch? You really should if you are an American with the right to vote since voting is a very important right that we are lucky to have. No matter who you vote for, do some research, watch the debates and make an informed decision. Who do you think is better for the economy? While the economy is still bad, whether you blame the current administration or not, you should save money by using printable coupons, such as for Gatorade.

Are you watching calories like many Americans? If so, drop the soda habit and instead start drinking Gatorade which has far fewer calories than soda. Not only that, Gatorade will dehydrate you better than soda can so it’s really killing two birds with one stone. Seems like a no brainer. If you are spending money on soda, instead spend it on Gatorade which offers a whole range of flavors and now you don’t have to pay full price because you can print coupons right from your computer!

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that it’s important to keep hydrated when sick. When you’re sick you often lose a lot of fluids and it’s really important to replenish them, probably as important as replenishing them after athletic activity. Gatorade actually makes a great fluid for replenishing what you need when you’re sick. Of course replenishing fluids alone isn’t enough to get you better and you should always contact your doctor if you feel that you’re in need of assistance and/or not getting any better, but ask them about drinking Gatorade while you’re recovering!